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Invest with confidence

Invest with confidence

Our mission is to empower real estate investors and real estate professionals with innovative technology.

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  • GRM 11
  • CAP 5.25%
  • NRM 19


  • GRM 16
  • CAP 3.97%
  • NRM 25


  • GRM 11
  • CAP 5.26%
  • NRM 19


  • GRM 11
  • CAP 5.40%
  • NRM 18


  • GRM 9
  • CAP 5.53%
  • NRM 18


  • GRM 9
  • CAP 5.23%
  • NRM 19


  • GRM 14
  • CAP 4.84%
  • NRM 22

Why Upky?

Too many transactions fall short because the financing can not be secured by the buyers or because the market can’t see the true value of a property.

UpKy provides a powerful set of tools to properly assess the financing required for a transaction, identify the true market value of a property and plan an exit strategy.

Plex analysis on the go

Multiplex analysis at your fingertips. Assess a deal wherever you are and whenever you need it. Say goodbye to your archaic crunchers.

Target purchase price

Become an expert of your area: get access to your local market metrics, view similar properties sold price, identify the market value of your property.

Rental market data

Rental prices for your local market: Rental rate by unit size, from low to high to help you forecast your future income based on updated reveue.

Future value forecast

Forecast the future value of your property based on market rent and updated expenses, customize your refinancing, plan your exit strategy.

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Download for FREE Now

Multiplex Analysis Platform

Minimum Down Payment

Use property information to calculate the minimum down payment required to purchase the property.

Think Like a Banker

Calculate the property value exactly like your banker would have done it. Gain an edge in your negociation.

Customize your Mortgage

Adjust your mortgage parameters.
Refine your financing calculation.
Tailor the debt to your risk/reward profile.


Target purchase price

GRM 19
Last 3 Months
Montréal – Plateau

The premium required to make an acquisition in this market has a direct impact on its liquidity. Nonetheless the high rental value available continue to boost its attractivity.

CAP 4.75
Last 3 Months
Montréal – Villeray Saint-Michel

Some major transformation projects will drive down this metric in the upcoming months, this market is to be put on the watch list.

NRM 21
Last 3 Months
Montréal – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

This emerging market is still affordable but not for long due to the effervescence of the surrounding markets

View similar properties

Get a set of similar properties to perform a comparative analysis. Gauge your target purchase price based on key market metrics.

Know the Market Price

Collect the local market metrics.
View key performance indicators of properties sold in the area.

Refine your analysis

Filter a list of suitable comparables. Calculate your target purchase price based on a subset of similar properties.


Rental market data

Rental markets ranges

View average rent in the area.
Get minimum and maximum rental rates. Get the breakdown per unit size.

Get the target income

Calculate the target gross income of your building once it is aligned with the market based on the rental data of similar units in the area.

Master your area

Become an expert of your local market while using the most up to date rental data information


Future value forecast

Return on investment

Calculate your return on investment over time. Calculate the equity created based on updated rates and adjusted expenses.

Cash Flow forecast

Assess the cash flow generated by the property year after year. Calcuate how hard your money is working for you.

Predict your equity

Forecast your refinancing scenario and calculate your property net value following its stabilisation.

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Download for FREE Now

This app is for:

From seasonned real estate brokers to the one-time investors, this application is loaded with the tools you need.

Real Estate Investors

Be in control of your investment, you are in the driver ‘s seat. The perfect tool for real estate investors to plan their transactions beforehand and jump in the arena with confidence.

  • Affordability

    Calculate the minimum down payment required. Know your limits. Save yourself and everyone some time. Be prepared when you meet your bank and negotiate like a pro.

  • Un-bias forecast

    Assess your deal based on data and not based on bias opinions. The app acts like your trusted advisor and gives you the data you need to make an educated decision.

Real Estate Brokers

Be in control of your transaction. The real estate broker ‘s Swiss Knife. Showcase a property at its true potential.

  • Screen and qualify buyers

    Tired of buyers who dont qualify for financing?
    Never get caught off guard again due to a buyer who didnt know how much down payment was required. Tell them up front!

  • Market the true potential

    A diamond in the rough, now you have the tool to prove it, market it and showcase it. Be the hero, the preacher, the leader…with the data to back-it up.

Mortgage Brokers

Deliver the best mortgage possible.
Your trusted ally to showcase the value you add to your customers.

  • More than just a %

    A mortgage is more than just a rate, now you have the tools to explain it to your customers and show them the added value that you bring in theirs transactions.

  • Advanced calculator

    Finally a calculator for multiplex available both for you and your customers so that you can speak the same language and collaborate on a successful transaction.

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Download for FREE Now

We cover a wide range of local
and national markets

Our goal is simple: become the reference platform for multi
residential real estate in North America


Comparables and Rental Data are available for this market.


Comparables and Rental Data are available for this market.


Comparables and Rental Data are available for this market.


Comparables and Rental Data are available for this market.