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Explore market metrics by neighborhoods

We provide the data you need to make the best investment decisions.

3 simple steps

How it works

Review selling price

Review selling price

Stop guessing how much you should pay for that property, we monitor recent sales and tell you exactly how much it is worth based on more than 60 000 recent comparables

View rental market

View rental market

You want to forecast you gross income, we tell you exactly how much appartments are renting in your neighborhood so that you can forcast your future revenue

Analyze the opportunities

Analyze the opportunities

Assess the property and simulate multiple financing scenarios, calculate the munimun required down payment and review your return on investment over time

Let us remove the risk from your decision making process

Market Metrics for better decision-making

We belive that understanding your market and its trends gives you the ultimate edge in real estate investment.

Our analytics platform makes it possible for you to leverage data about recent sales to identify how muc you should pay for a property.

Also we give you some insight on how the sales are trending so that you can better understand your market and anticipate the market direction.

You can now keep your thumb on the pusle of the rental market

Data to forcast your potential rental revenue

The performance of your investment is directly correlated to how much rent you can generate and we want to give you the tools you need to forecast them properly.

We monitor multiple website to identify how much units are being rented for so that you dont have to do the combursome work yourself.

Not only we provide you a vision of how the market is currently behaving, per unit size, per neigborhood and per street, we also tell you how it behaves in the past.

Your mortgage broker will love you...or hate you

Simulate multiple financing scenario

We want to give you the tools you need to calculate in a couple clicks the minimum down payment you need to aquire your investment property.

Our advanced calculator will also give you at one glance all performance indicator required to assess if your investment makes sense.

Forcasting the futur value is essential before pulling the trigger, lets our platform do the caclulation for you with ease.